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Targeted world travel turns our diverse planet into one incredible classroom. Teaching children about cultures and languages not their own and global issues encourages them to see the world through other eyes and is of huge importance.

It is on the minds of a growing movement of internationally-minded educators. In an increasingly interconnected world, today’s young generation need to learn be able to engage in communication with people from a wide range of different cultures and traditions. Because we live in such a globalized world today our mission should be to ensure every young person in school feels more confident and able to live in that world. Tasting foreign foods, hearing different languages and visiting homes in other countries can be an eye-opening experience for a child or an adult.

And travel can be a great way to inspire children to read and continue to develop their knowledge in a variety of other subjects.

Educational travel can consist of a simple excursion, such as visiting your local museum or local historical society-sponsored events, or a longer trip, such as a trip to Egypt to see the pyramids up close, or to visit Athens, the seat of Western culture. Or just a visit with storytellers telling tales of children during the various periods of history.

Outside of the structure and confinement necessary at school, a child on an educational trip is free to literally delve deeply into whatever he is learning about. An archaeological dig, for example, provides the opportunity for a child to experience the sights, sounds and tactile experience of digging for and identifying fossils. Small day trips can have similar hands-on benefits.

We seek out opportunities worldwide that offer such luminous encounters.